Making masks

Strangeface runs a series of making workshops, which are designed to introduce the creative potential and playfulness of masks.

Workshops can take place in a venue of your choice. Masks are made on a table top vacuum former. The method is quick, clean and allows a mask to be made in a fraction of the time it takes using other methods, such as papier-mache. The result is a durable lightweight mask with a smooth finish.

One Day Course

The one day course provides an intensive introduction to mask. After a practical look at what makes a good mask, each member of the group goes on to make their own basic mask. The final part of the afternoon is spent exploring the masks using exercises and improvisation.
One Day Course: £395

Two Day Course

Following a practical exploration of different types of mask, the group establishes some basic principles of mask practice and notions of what makes a ‘good’ mask. Each member of the group then makes and paints their own mask. The afternoon of the second day is spent practically exploring masks made.
Two Day Course: £545

Please note that due to the flexible nature of these workshops, prices quoted are meant as a general guide. Travel and accommodation is an extra cost to consider and is priced at 30p per mile/£50 per night

Contact Bethan for further information and to book.