beached is backPhotos by Hope Fitzgerald for Ideas Test

Beached tells the tale of Arnold whose walk quickly becomes an adventure….

A soundtrack is played on earphones for each audience member, creating a little world to share at the table which is suitable for all ages. Each performance lasts for 10-15 minutes and also has accompanying workshops to make a puppet in 30 minutes and capture a little story on film.

“Spellbinding and magical!” “I’m speechless. Absolutely amazing! I want to see it again now!” “Excellent. Long live creativity and the power of the imagination”

Strangeface Theatre produced this work for the Family Arts Festival. As this project is made for unusual venues, it is available all year round and for anywhere with a table! We have taken the piece to Libraries, Summer Fetes, Swimming Pools, Residential Care Homes and even a Garden Centre.

You can book this production to run across the day indoors or outdoors, day or night.