Mikey 2

The Hit


Breaking Bad meets Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape. The Hit is a black comedy for one puppet with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Mikey, AKA The Ghost, is a hit man exposed to parts of the brain he never thought he would see. After an accidental death, some nagging last words and a chance encounter in a steam room, he is holed up in his Harlem apartment trying to straighten things out. We journey through his thoughts and relive bizarre incidents from the Mexico border to the assassination of JFK via the baby section of Toys R Us.

The puppet playing Mikey also gives a short after show talk about his inspirations for creating the role.

The Hit is a Wellcome Trust funded project exploring the nature of cognitive dissonance and how we are perhaps not the autonomous individuals we are given to believe we are. We see a tough guy, who knows what he knows and gets what he wants, begin to crumble as his assumptions about life start to evaporate. Ultimately we are left with hope, but only through transformation.

The after show talk reflects on the fate of Mikey whilst elaborating on the pleasurable cognitive dissonance of watching a puppet and drawing comparisons with the less pleasurable cognitive dissonance theory of Leon Festinger and what it can tell us about the way we perceive the world.


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