Tour Update – New Venue Added….

Trailer made by Electric Egg 

A huge thank you to the team at Transported Art for all their help over the last year in remounting this production!

Our final performances for FenBoy are coming up in the North East Scotland for NEAT. We’ve had a last minute venue change due to unforeseen circumstances at Johnshaven – we’ll now be doing our final performance at The Blae in Auchinblae. Click the link here for details on out events page

We’ve had some fantastic feedback – thank you so much  to our audience members who  contacted us with these great comments:

Saw “FenBoy” today. A wonderful afternoon and quite amazing how three cast members, “FenBoy”, the talking heads and a selection of masks created a wonderful world. On the journey home the children were buzzing with excitement recounting their favourite episodes and characters. This performance certainly supports Philip Pullman’s comments about the importance of theatre in the Guardian.

I attend all the puppet shows that come to town and this one was exceptional. Pure brilliance all round. 

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