Leather mask making with Fava

Russell also makes masks for schools, groups and other arts organisations. Strangeface Masks sell a range of Commedia, Character, Neutral and Larval Masks and you can also contact us directly to discuss commissions for your project.

Russell has recently returned from Reggio Emilia, Italy, the home of Parmesan cheese! He attended a leather mask making workshop with the Maestro Antonio Fava. Fava is an actor, author, theatre director, expert in Commedia dell’Arte and of Comedy. Russell spent a week in his studio working alongside actors and makers from Canada, Brazil and Korea amongst many other nations.

The leather masks are formed over carved wooden blocks and tapped into place using cow horn hammers. For more details and images of Fava’s work and methods visit his website.

Russell can now take orders for leather masks, please contact us for more details. This little beauty is called Presposteroso!